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Naugatuck, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 102 History as of April 2018

     Troop 102 was founded in April, 1913 at the Naugatuck Congregational Church. The troop has been chartered to the church for 105 consecutive years, thus making our troop on of the oldest troops in the nation.

     The Troop's first Scoutmaster was the Reverend Philip C. Walcott. During his tenure, Scout Alvin Dreyer became the first Eagle Scout of our troop and of the Town of Naugatuck in 1922. As of April 2018  our troop has had 127 Eagle Scouts with more joining this prestigious level every year.




Troop 102 Eagle Scouts

  1921 Alvin Dreyer   1979 Charles R Doback   2001 Scott Fermeglia   2013 Austin Wagner
  1921 Francis O'Connor   1980 Jose Ascencao   2001 Dave Stankiewicz   2014 Terrance Ellingson
  1921 Seymour Squires   1981 Kenneth Laliberte   2002 Ryan Anderson   2015 Nicholas J Hanks
  1921 Donald Young   1982 Paul Schenarts   2002 Dante Buccieri   2015 Russell B Andrew III
  1922 Donald C Wood   1983 Eugene Gransky   2002 Jeff Hyaden    2015 Juston Wagner
  1922 Carlton Saunders   1984 Paul Bucciaglia   2002 Zack Pilat   2016 Ethan Maxwell
  1922 Henry Kannenburg   1985 Lee Johnson   2002 Adam Pilat   2017 Trevor Aresta
  1922 Norman Sears   1985 Joseph Bucciaglia   2003 Michael J Carreira      
  1922 Merwin Packer   1985 Michael Warren   203 Jesse M Cyr      
  1928 John Penrod   1986 Steven Sirois   2003 Timothy J Monahan      
  1931 Charles Pititjean   1987 Guy Balzano   2003 David T Francois      
  1931 William Moody   1988 James T Amato   2004 Scott Conover      
  1931 William Pititjean   1988 Mark T Aresta   2004 Brian Zarrella      
  1931 William Crosby   1988 Daniel M Wolfram   2004 Ryan O'Hara      
  1933 Carl Thompson, Jr   1988 Joespeh A Flamer   2004 John Anderson      
  1934 Walter Grubeman   1988 Joesph J Tedesco   2004 Mike Fecteau      
  1937 Fred Megin   1988 Thomas J Fernandes   2004 Colin Radke      
  1937 Jack Pyatt, Jr   1990 Edward J Valente   2004 Peter Zandvliet      
  1937 Howard Fassett   1992 Daniel Ford   2004 Brett Fermeglia      
  1938 Robert Grant   1992 William Glick   2004 Roger Benoit      
  1940 Cecil F Matson   1992 John Sheedy   2004 Steve Paniati      
  1940 Roland Hathaway, Jr   1992 John DeBisschop   2005 Greg Francois      
  1940 Henry Pope, Jr   1993 Nathan Wilmont   2005 Sean Godejohn      
  1940 John Swenston   1993 Bryan Nurnberger   2005 Matt Barbosa      
  1943 Clifford A Teeple   1993 Peter Clark   2005 Asad Shahid      
  1944 Weston Boyd   1993 Willian Hau   2007 Matt Gelford      
  1947 Charles Ashford   1994 Louis Zarrella   2007 John Paniati      
  1951 Carl Bovay   1996 Kevin Malenda   2007 Jon Bock      
  1955 William Fulton   1998 Christopher A Thompson 2007 Peter Rodrigues      
  1955 Stephen N Judy   1998 Frank R Rodrigues   2007 Jonathon Pater      
  1955 Robert D Hanbrick   1998 Christopher M Carreira   2008 Derek Valinsky      
  1955 Paul D Harris   1998 Felipe J Lima   2008 Billy O'Donnell      
  1957 Kevin St. John   1998 Alden J Rodrigues   2008 Kyle Fellows      
  1957 Robert St. John   1998 Mike Jannito   2009 Nicholas J Ascencao      
  1958 Joseph Gonski   1999 Josh Sedlock   2010 Zachary Blum      
  1961 William Birdsall   1999 Andy Cosnotti   2011 Timothy Hackshaw      
  1962 Carl W Walden   1999 Brett Ash   2012 Anthony DiMeco      
  1963 William J Baukas, Jr   2000 Bryan Curtis   2012 Colton Wagner      
  1967 Dean J Golembeski   2000 JJ Bush   2012 Anothony Falcone      
  1968 Vincent R Sosnowski   2001 Kevin Thompson   2012 Francis Oullette      


* Scoutmaster 44 years

** Current Scoutmaster since 2014  

     On May 10, 1914 at 7:30pm a young scout by the name of Cecil F Matson joined the troop.  Cecil would later take over the troop as its second Scoutmaster in 1922. He received his Eagle Award as an adult leader in 1940 and became the Troop's 21st Eagle Scout.  Cecil held the position of Scoutmaster for 44 years until 1966 when he retired from the position. Cecil continued to serve the troop until his passing in April 1986, thus giving him 72 years as a member of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 102.

     As Scoutmaster, Cecil built Troop 102 into one of the largest, most active troops in this area.  The Troop participated in the 1937, 1950, 1953, 1957, and the 1960 National Jamborees, attended numerous District Camporees, Klondike Derby's, and council encampments.  Various members of the troop worked as summer camp staff at Camp Mattatuck each summer. During his tenure the Boy Scout advancement program continued to thrive and grow.  As Scoutmaster Cecil presented the Eagle Badge to an additional 35 scouts.

     Cecil is mentioned in the Boy's Life magazine in the February 1985 issue. Here he demonstrated the importance of scouting and its impact on the community as a whole.

 "In Naugatuck Conn,. Boy Scouts formed an emergency team. Whenever a child was missing or old people needed help. the fire whistle would blow three short blasts four times.  Cecil F Matson, who joined the Congregational Church's Troop 2 in 1914 said, "When we heard that call, all the Scouts in town ran to the firehouse immediately." There they would get their orders. Sometimes, Cecil Matson said, Boy Scouts would be called out in the middle of the night to help someone in trouble."   - Boys' Life (February, 1985 p 69)

      From 1966 to 1976, the troop hit a low point. The advancement and outdoor program came to a standstill.  During this time, two gentleman distinquished themselves by keeping Troop 102 going until permanent long-term leadership could be found. Larry Gay and Ed Newell, the Troop is forever grateful for your dedication to the troop. Thank you for a job well done.

     Here's where we begin the modern history of Boy Scout 102, Naugatuck CT.  It begins with a young scout, Charles R Doback, volunteering a name to fill the empty space of Scoutmaster.  The name he volunteered was Frank A Rodrigues.  Frank accepted the nomination and became the next Scoutmaster for the Troop.  Frank Rodrigues, with the help of his leadership quickly began rebuilding the Troop.  They restored the Troop's reputation and built up finances. This was an era of growth for the Troop with the advancement and outdoor programs gaining momentum. 

 More to come.....





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