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BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting Fireside Chat: Membership Growth

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As part of the 2021 BSA National Annual Meeting, the organization held multiple Fireside Chat virtual meetings on a handful of key topics. These included Safety, Membership Growth, Female Board Leadership, and Governance. Membership Growth was the topic for the second of those meetings. 

Membership Growth

Like many organizations, Scouting faced challenges in growing its membership during 2020; however, with the 2021 fall recruiting season approaching, the organization is prepping to invite even more families to experience the fun and value of Scouting. 

During this Fireside Chat on membership growth, attendees heard from Scout Executive Anthony Escobar of the Caddo Area Council, who shared recruiting strategies that worked for his council during 2020, enabling the council to grow its membership, even against the backdrop of a challenging year. 

This session introduced the 2021 recruiting theme of Escape the Great Indoors, and offered links to an entire suite of marketing resources (fliers, videos, social media posts, web banners, photos, and more) on the BSA Brand Center

The discussion also focused on the current Summer of Service initiative, which helps Scouts to be visible in their communities this summer through their acts of service. The Summer of Service also features a set of dedicated resources on the Brand Center that can be used to promote local service activities.

Two upcoming webinars are scheduled to help inform people on key marketing and membership growth strategies. The first, scheduled for June 17, will focus on the Escape the Great Indoors recruiting theme. Register here for the June 17 webinar. The second webinar, scheduled for June 24, will feature a discussion on key technology platforms (online registration, invitation manager, application manager) used to recruit and grow Scouting. Register here for the June 24 webinar

Additionally, two separate membership kickoff webinars were discussed. The one for BSA staff took place on June 10, and one for volunteers will be scheduled for July 22. More details about these kickoff webinars will be shared in the near future. 

The session also featured updates on the Den Leader Experience (including Tips and Tricks videos, Cub Scout Preview Adventures, and other tools used to help grow and retain Scouts. 

For more information on the Membership Growth Fireside Chat, watch it below:

2021NAM Membership Fireside Chat from Boy Scouts of America on Vimeo.

See the Q&A from the session here

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