Please join us in congratulating Ty Page, who will serve as Scout executive of the Yucca Council in El Paso, Texas, effective March 1, 2019.

Ty began his Scouting career as a district executive in the Grand Teton Council in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He moved on to become a senior district executive, program director, and assistant director of support services with the Grand Canyon Council in Phoenix, Arizona. He was then promoted to director of field service of the Inland Northwest Council in Spokane, Washington.

Ty is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow who enjoys spending time with his family, attending Scout-O-Rama’s, and watching NBA basketball.

Ty and his wife, Damianne, have 5 children: Isaiah (Eagle Scout), Julius (Eagle Scout), Moses (Eagle Scout), Shayla, and Michael.

Help us send Ty our well wishes in the comments below as he joins in partnership with the volunteers and staff of the Yucca Council to deliver quality Scouting experiences to the young people of the communities they serve. 

Congratulations to Matthew Bull, who will serve as Scout executive of the Baden-Powell Council in Binghamton, New York, effective March 1, 2019.

Matthew began his career as a district executive at the Cape Fear Council in Wilmington, North Carolina. He later served as senior district executive, development director, and program director. He currently serves as the director of support services for the council.

Matthew is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow who enjoys fishing, reading, and traveling.

Matthew and his wife, Ella Claire, have a daughter named Chloe.

In the comments below, please help us welcome Matthew to his new role in the BSA as he joins in partnership with the volunteers and staff of the Baden-Powell Council to deliver quality Scouting experiences to the young people of the communities they serve.

The official February 1, 2019, launch date for the Scouts BSA program is now behind us, but the launch is only the beginning. Though we’ve seen new Scouts BSA troops already forming in all 50 states and beyond, now is the time to build on that early success and momentum.  

Start and promote new troops 

A foundational part of success is promoting the formation of new troops for all youth to experience this life-changing program. There are a number of resources available to assist councils in this effort. Visit the Scouts BSA Resources section of the BSA Brand Center and find dedicated council resources as well as print, digital, and video assets to market and grow Scouting in your area. Be sure to follow all of the recommendations in the Brand Guidance Training

Encourage everyone to update pins

Put new troops on the map with a pin in BeAScout. Help educate unit-serving volunteers about the importance of updating BeAScout pins with the correct information. The goal is to help ensure that anyone who wants to join Scouts BSA can find a troop near them. To make that a reality, all troops need to make sure they have updated the information on their BeAScout pins so that they display correctly.  

Maximize use of social media

Youth and parents alike regularly access social media sites to learn about and share information on a variety of topics. Sharing details about Scouts BSA on your own social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can be a way to reach audiences with key information about the Scouts BSA program. Use the guidance found in this recent ScoutingWire article for key details and hashtags to use to promote Scouts BSA. 

Additionally, you can use the Instagram playbook and discover creative ways that your council can leverage the use of this popular youth social media destination.  

Please join us in congratulating Joe Carlson, who will serve as Scout executive of the Gateway Area Council in La Crosse, Wisconsin, effective March 1, 2019.

Joe began his Scouting career as district executive at the Chippewa Valley Council in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He moved on to become the senior district executive, field director and later assistant Scout executive at the council.

Joe is an Eagle Scout who enjoys hiking, travel, and hunting.

He has a fiancée named Charissa.

In the comments below, please help us welcome Joe to his new role in Scouting as he joins in partnership with the volunteers and staff of the Gateway Area Council to deliver quality Scouting experiences to the young people of the communities they serve!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 21:18

Welcome to Scouts BSA

Scouting family, we are once again at a historic milestone as we answer the call we heard from so many of you: to make our iconic programs available to boys and girls. Since we first announced this intention, the feeling of momentum in our movement has been widespread. In the last year, we invited families to Cub Scouts and welcomed tens of thousands of new young people to packs across the nation. Simultaneously, thousands of professionals and volunteers have put in countless hours of hard work to prepare our older youth program for the introduction of Scouts BSA.

I could not be more excited for what this means for our movement and for the next generation of leaders in our nation. I fervently believe in the strength of our programs and their ability to change lives. In just a few days, young men and women will be able to benefit from our unique approach to character and leadership development through any of our programs. At the same time, those who continue to provide Scouting to all-boy packs and troops are supported in their decision to offer youth in their community that opportunity. Regardless of unit-specific approaches, through Scouts BSA, more young people than ever before will get to experience the benefits of camaraderie, confidence, resilience, trustworthiness, courage and kindness. They will have the opportunity to progress through a program that has been proven to build character and leadership.

This step better aligns our offerings with the needs of today’s families, who are busier than ever and want their daughters and sons to be able to grow through activities that spark their interest and imagination. Right now, most families in this country – 70 million children – are not engaged with any character-building youth development program. Scouts BSA can now help address that unmet need. Our country needs and deserves more young people focused on the values that serve as the bedrock of our movement; duty to God and country, with a desire to help other people at all times.

Thank you to every person whose efforts have brought us here. And thank you all in advance for the energy and heart that I know you will put into giving new Scouts and their families a warm welcome into our programs.

To those who are new, I am proud to welcome you, and to those that return, thank you for being the heart of what makes our movement great. We are thrilled for the steps you take today and for the journey and life lessons that await in the adventures ahead.

Yours in Scouting,


As the Scouts BSA program launches, it’s time to encourage everyone to use social media to spread the word about this incredible opportunity. 

You can start sharing right now with a few simple items like a Facebook frame, hashtags, and ready-to-post social content. 

Be sure to use Scouts BSA social media images and videos from the BSA Brand Center, which have been tailored to social platforms, and direct people to or so they can learn more or join!

As a reminder, focus your social posts on the value of the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, and never criticize other youth activities/organizations or those who may not share your perspective.


Use the Scouts BSA “Scout Me In” Facebook profile frame to show off your excitement for the program. 


Incorporate one or more of the hashtags below in short social posts about your troop’s open house, a positive personal Scouting experience, or why this opportunity is meaningful to your family.

  • #ScoutMeIn
  • #ScoutsBSA
  • #BeAScout
  • #BoyScoutsofAmerica



  • When it comes to adventure, you just have to get your feet wet. Scouts BSA will give your daughter the skills she’ll need to make waves in the world.  
  • Scouts BSA will help your daughter see that nothing is impossible when you’re Prepared for Life. Learn more at 
  • For the first time in Scouting history, your son OR daughter can earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Find a Scouts BSA troop near you at
  • Scouts BSA can give your daughter the tools she’ll need to succeed now and throughout her life. Find out more at
  • We’re inviting all boys and girls ages 11-17 to say “Scout Me In” to Scouts BSA! Experience fun and adventure while learning life skills and giving back to the community. To learn more, visit


Use these text options to complement photos of the incredible adventures Scouts BSA has to offer. You can find some great photos to use in the BSA Brand Center

TIP: Instagram does not allow links in captions so be sure to add to your bio and reference it in your captions. Remember to use hashtags. 

  • Sometimes the road less traveled isn’t a road.
  • It’s a big world. Explore it in Scouts BSA.
  • Scouting. It’s not just something I do. It’s something I am. #ScoutsBSA 
  • Scouting is learning to be your best. #ScoutsBSA 

For years, many young women have looked on while their fathers and brothers took part in amazing Boy Scout adventures – adventures those young women wished they, too, could experience.

With the launch of the Scouts BSA program on February 1, that familiar story has a new, fun-filled twist as young women prepare to join new Scouts BSA girl troops that are getting revved up in communities right now. 

Watch the video below, and download it from the BSA Brand Center to share on your own social media channels. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Scouts BSA program, check out all of the latest info at

Sponsored post courtesy of Educational Travel Services, Inc.

It’s the start of a new year and that means it’s time to start planning for all the Scouting trips in the months ahead! Whether you’re dreaming of a Philmont trek with your troop or taking the whole family out to your local campsite, you’ll need to Be. Prepared and make plans ahead of time. To help you get started, Educational Travel Services, Inc. developed a handy guide outlining the five W’s to planning your next Scouting adventure. Keep reading and start making plans now!

Who is traveling? It’s not a group trip until you first have a group! Before you being planning the trip, you must determine who is going. Is it your troop, your council, or maybe a leadership tour? How many travelers are you planning for?  The number of travelers on a trip helps determine budget, transportation needs, and even availability of discounted rates.

Where are you headed? Choosing the right destination is paramount in designing the perfect trip and realizing your travel goals. Are you desiring a short weekend excursion like a local camping tour or something much longer and more distant like the International Normandy Camporee? Or, maybe your group is planning something in between, like an extension to your trek at Philmont or SeaBase or a weeklong tour of our Nation’s Capitol.

What kind of trip? Is your goal to have an educational experience touring museums or historical sites? Or is this trip more about challenging activities? For the National Jamboree, a pre-trip to Washington, DC is a perfect fit.  Some venues that are popular for Scouts include Mt. Vernon, the United States Capitol and Arlington National Cemetery. If your group is heading to a trek at Philmont maybe a pre-tour would include white water rafting and zip lining. 

When is your tour and how far out do you need to be planning? Is your trip something that can be scheduled any time or is it connected on a scheduled event? For example, are you planning a trip that stands alone and has flexibly with your travel dates or are you coordinating with a date specific event such as National Jamboree. The planning for some trips can be booked only a few months ahead of time. Others, such as a pre-Jamboree tour, can require making trip decisions as far as two years ahead of your departure.

Why choosing a reputable tour company to assist with your tour planning can make all the difference in the success of your tour.  An experienced travel company can guide your group in creating and achieving your travel goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way. A good tour company can also help provide quality hotels and motorcoaches, suggest age appropriate activities and support the leaders every step of the way. Educational Travel Services, Inc. has been facilitating student tours for over 30 years. Our proven record of successful youth tours can give leaders confidence that partnering with ETSI will place them in reliable hands capable of attending to all of the necessary details of a successful group tour.  Working with a professional tour company like ETSI takes the worry out of group travel planning, so Scout leaders can focus on Scouts.

Many safe travels!

Your friends at Educational Travel Services, Inc.


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